OrganiGrow Canada was founded alongside the new laws regulating the recreational and medicinal use of Cannabis in Canada.  We are a small business that specializes in helping people grow their own cannabis as well as sharing the most up to date information and education.  By learning to grow your own cannabis with us, you will begin to see and understand this ancient healing plant in a holistic way and the role it can play in your life and the lives of those around you.

We focus on sharing the most up to date research and science as it relates to cannabis as well as our many years of experience growing and working with medicinal herbs.  We will guide you through the growing process so that you can gain hands on experience that will last a lifetime.  When you learn to grow your own plants, you have the ability to work with the elements to nurture them at each stage of growth.  And in the end, you know exactly what went into each plant and can be sure that they are not full of toxic chemicals.  You also get to revel in the pride and fulfillment that comes from each successful harvest.


We are here to support anyone who has an interest in learning more about the Cannabis plant.  Whether you are a medical patient, personal user, interested in growing and making your own medicine, looking for consultation or just have an interest in learning more about this plant.   Through our training and programs we will not only guide you, but support and offer tips and tricks in order to successfully grow and harvest your own flowers.  Our focus is on using organic methods that do not rely on chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, etc.  These additives have no place in your medicine, therefore they have no place in your plants and soil.

At OrganiGrow Canada, we believe in growing plants organically, in a way that supports the resilience and vitality of natural systems. We always say, that ‘the best medicine, is the medicine that you grow and harvest and make yourself’.  Come and grow with us so that you can learn these skills that will provide for you, your family and community long into the future.

We are proud to be DEM Pure certified and part of the growing Regenerative Cannabis Movement

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