New in person workshops coming in March/April 2019

Welcome to OrganiGrow Canada where we specialize in teaching people how to grow their own cannabis for medical and personal use as well as focusing on sharing the most up to date cannabis education.


Whether you are new to cannabis or have been using it for many years, we have something to offer. As farmers, herbalists and naturalists we plan to share our love of organic growing and the natural world so you can learn more about this versatile plant that has so much to offer. Your best medicine is the medicine you grow yourself, without the use of harmful fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides. We believe it is important to grow both our food and medicine using organic practices and living in a regenerative way in balance and harmony with nature.

With the passage of Bill C-45 which legalizes the use of cannabis in Canada, we are entering an exciting time where people can make a personal choice of using this ancient healing plant without fear of facing legal action.  As we move into this new time, we feel it is important to begin to break down the negative stereotypes and stigma that has followed cannabis throughout prohibition.

We are currently designing and building our first (of many) online courses that will be delivered live in the new year – mid winter 2019.  This program will take you through each step of the growing process from seed to harvest. And you will have access to us to ask questions and seek advice as we move through the growing season.  This course will be an interactive experience to guide you through your first legal growing season (please check the laws in your specific province for growing cannabis). If you are interested in this course, please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

As our business grows we plan to serve and support:

  • Medical Patients – Learn to grow your own cannabis and understand the different strains/chemovars that are best suited for you and the results you are looking for.
  • Personal Use – Learn to grow your 4 plants for personal use (check provincial laws)
  • How to use Cannabis as Medicine – Sharing our love and passion for herbal medicine as it relates to the use of cannabis.  We will show you some of the many ways that this plant can be used and made into various forms of medicine.
  • Consulting – We can offer consulting for all types of Cannabis cultivation focusing on organic methods.
  • We plan to design and develop a full offering of online and in person trainings
  • And much more……..

If you are interested in learning more and keeping up to date on what we are working on, sign up for our newsletter below.

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